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  1. Anthrax - Among The Kings' 2017 Tour - Live Review
    22 Feb, 2017
    Anthrax - Among The Kings' 2017 Tour - Live Review
    Band-  Anthrax Tour- 'Among The Kings' Venue - Glasgow Barrowlands   Anthrax trashed out one of the most phenomenal two and a half hour sets as part of their 2017 'Among The Kings' tour in Glasgow's Barrowland's to a furiously rampant Glaswegian crowd who showed unrelenting admiration and respect for one of the most monumentally influential metal bands ever to grace existence. Anthrax has unequivocally etched a profound imprint with their resolute creative integrity, a band who has stayed
  2. Of One Blood - 'Bonedust' And Rust' - Album Review
    15 Jan, 2017
    Of One Blood - 'Bonedust' And Rust' - Album Review
    Band - Of One Blood Album - Bonedust And Rust Genre - Metal The Glaswegian metal band 'Of One Blood' formed to create a solid metal sound that would captivate and draw upon a new breed of metal. The five-piece have successfully managed to blend influencing old and Nu metal styles, incorporating the passion and drive of trash, with groove-laden, Southern style rock and Metalcore. The band released 'Out Of The Shadows' back in 2013 and have their current eight track album 'Bonedust And Rust'
  3. Dead Dawn European Tour 2016
    24 Nov, 2016
    Dead Dawn European Tour 2016
    Dead Dawn European Tour 2016 Venue - Audio Glasgow Genre - Doom/Death/Trash & Sludge  Dead Dawn European tour 2016 saw an exceptional line-up of Doom/Death/Trash & Sludge orientated bands. Drawing full-bore uncompromising metal heads in unison for a rampant assault on the overall senses. Morbid Evils' who hail from Finland, provided the opening scene, a band I unfortunately only managed to catch the last two songs from their set as I arrived at the venue a little late. They sounded incredibly

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