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  1. Rob Zombie - O2 Carling Academy - Live Review
    13 Jun, 2017
    Rob Zombie - O2 Carling Academy - Live Review
    Artist - Rob Zombie  Venue - O2 Carling Academy    Rob Zombie gave Glasgow an outstandingly powerful, dynamic show in the O2 Carling Academy at the weekend as we were provided with a warm-up set, minus the digital backdrop screens and pyrotechnics, before playing the main stage at Donington's Download Festival the following day. As a first-time RZ experience, I felt I landed upon an amazing show where the band provided us with outdoor festival intensity encapsulated within an indoor environment
  2. Backwoods Payback 'Fire Not Reason' Album review.
    28 Nov, 2016
    Backwoods Payback 'Fire Not Reason' Album review.
    Artist - Backwoods Payback Album- 'Fire Not Reason' Record Label - Dullest Records    Hailing from West Chester, Pennsylvania U.S.A, D.I.Y ethos, Stoner Rock /Doom Metal band Backwoods Payback's brand new forthcoming album "Fire Not Reason" produces a rich and heavy blend of resolute metal laden, rock noise; fusing a soaring classic sounding vocal with deep penetrating growls, captivating melodic hook riffage and rolling burly basslines. Most certainly there exists a NWOBHM influence combined

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