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  1. Sleeping Pills - A Maze In A Wave - Highlight Album Review.
    06 Oct, 2017
    Sleeping Pills - A Maze In A Wave - Highlight Album Review.
    Artist - Sleeping Pills  Album - A Maze In A Wave Genre - Post-Punk  Record Label - Hidden Eye     Atmospheric post-punk quartet, Sleeping Pills are geared to release their forthcoming album 'A Maze In A Wave' October 13th on, Hidden Eye records; a nifty independent/D.I.Y ethos label who prints an interesting magazine highlighting artists through interviews, as well as drawing awareness towards original works by a diverse collection of artists from the under and overground scenes. This is the
  2. New Model Army - Live Review
    06 Apr, 2017
    New Model Army - Live Review
    Band- New Model Army 'Winter' Tour  Venue- The Garage     Wille and the Bandits, hailing from Cornwall were the finest revelations to grace my head-space as they set their distinctive tone and atmosphere with a supreme funk fueled, earthy blues set which blew me away from the outset. The trio projected an immense amount of passion and soul into their performance as they highlighted material from their forthcoming new album titled 'Steal'. Lead vocalist-guitarist, Wille sang his absolute heart
  3. Live review - Gary Numan's Classic Albums Tour 2016
    22 Sep, 2016
    Live review - Gary Numan's Classic Albums Tour 2016
    Live review - Gary Numan Show - Classic Albums Tour 2016  Venue - Glasgow's O2 ABC Music - https://soundcloud.com/garynumanofficial  Electronic pathfinder Gary Numan's first ever major gig was in Glasgow's Apollo Theatre on Sep 20th, 1979. Exactly 37 years ago on the day in which he returned to Glasgow's 02 ABC venue to a bustling sold out crowd where he presented, probably for the last time ever, a celebration of his three classic albums Replicas, The pleasure Principle and Teleken. Gary's

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