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  1. Bloodstock Festival 2018 - M2TM - Glasgow Competition.
    09 Feb, 2018
    Bloodstock Festival 2018 - M2TM - Glasgow Competition.
    UK Festival - Bloodstock Open Air 2018 Dates - 9th -12 August  Genre - Metal      BLOODSTOCK is the Thors Hammer in Uk metal festivals with this year hallmarking its 18th summer in drawing supreme caliber metal to the masses, casting in iron an indelible mark within music festival history. Throughout the years, Bloodstock has grown at an infectious rate, currently hosting 100 bands across four stages and offering the crème of the crop in UK underground metal, to the best in international acts,
  2. DJ Format & Mc Abdominal - Still Hungry Tour 2017 - Live Review
    07 Nov, 2017
    DJ Format & Mc Abdominal - Still Hungry Tour 2017 - Live Review
    Artist - DJ Format & Mc Abdominal Tour - Still Hungry Venue - Drygate Brewery    DJ Format & Mc Abdominal are unequivocally two of the most gifted dynamic duos within the Hip-Hop genre. Righteously allowing their roots to stay nourished within an old skool foundation and their core vibration fortified with a fresh and veracious execution. Both Format & Ab provide a compelling set of technically dextrous DJ/Scratch mastery, combined with a superlative, intellectually sharp, wax lyrical rap flow
  3. Mickey 9s - Galactic Radio - Album Review.
    23 Jun, 2017
    Mickey 9s - Galactic Radio - Album Review.
    Artist - Mickey 9s Album - Galactic Radio Genre - Funky Quirk/Ravey Disco   Idiosyncratic ambassadors of funky quirk & ravey disco, Mickey 9s are the avid instigators of party vibrations and have grown admirably from a D.I.Y independent ethos through an underground collective called 'Yellow Movement' who describe themselves as being the evolution revolution; a symbiosis of (un)conscious and conscience. This amazing movement unifies the creative community through a collective push and display
  4. House Of Pain - 25th Annivesary Tour - Live Reveiw
    17 Jun, 2017
    House Of Pain - 25th Annivesary Tour - Live Reveiw
    Artist - House Of Pain Genre - Hip-Hop Venue - O2 Academy Glasgow      Well, I had to tie my shoelaces tight for that one, I tell you, as Irish pride, rap warriors, House Of Pain stepped up in fine style to stamp a phenomenal impression into the night as part of their 25th anniversary tour celebration, rocking an immensely dynamic show at Glasgow's O2 Academy ABC to an adoring Celtic crowd who threw overwhelming appreciation and unrelenting energy towards the band as they provided us with a
  5. Rob Zombie - O2 Carling Academy - Live Review
    13 Jun, 2017
    Rob Zombie - O2 Carling Academy - Live Review
    Artist - Rob Zombie  Venue - O2 Carling Academy    Rob Zombie gave Glasgow an outstandingly powerful, dynamic show in the O2 Carling Academy at the weekend as we were provided with a warm-up set, minus the digital backdrop screens and pyrotechnics, before playing the main stage at Donington's Download Festival the following day. As a first-time RZ experience, I felt I landed upon an amazing show where the band provided us with outdoor festival intensity encapsulated within an indoor environment
  6. The Bucky Rage - F.I.Y.Luv U - LP Review
    10 Jun, 2017
    The Bucky Rage - F.I.Y.Luv U - LP Review
    Artist – The Bucky Rage Genre – Surf/Garage-Punk LP – F.Y.I. Luv U -  https://the-bucky-rage.bandcamp.com/album/f-y-i-luv-u   Rock N' Wrestlers The Bucky Rage released a slick hunk of wax to surf your sonic senses all over with their 'F.Y.I. Luv U' album release which has been provided in both digital and record format. I was graciously dropped a copy by, Bucky swigging, Guitarist/Vocalist 'BIG Handsome Al' at one of their raging live show performances in Glasgow's Mcchuills Rock bar which
  7. LegPuppy - Black Soul EP Review
    22 May, 2017
    LegPuppy - Black Soul EP Review
    Artist – LegPuppy Genre – Electro-Punk/Trip Hop. Album - 'Black Soul' - spotify:album:4GdrLIkFilEGqdDRQB71nz   Leg Puppy is an intriguing London-based Electro-Punk/Trip-Hop dance trio who create a striking atmosphere with their deep electronic synth parts, elevated ambient layers, concise beats, and purposeful lyrics. Darren Laurence aka Leg Puppy started out just as a DJ from 2010 until 2014 then progressed into production for the next two years to finally flourish into an electronic outfit
  8. DJ Format & Abdominal - 'Still Hungry' - Album Review
    14 May, 2017
    DJ Format & Abdominal - 'Still Hungry' - Album Review
    Artist – DJ Format & MC Abdominal Album- Still Hungry Genre  – Hip- Hop Stil Hungry - https://abdominal.bandcamp.com/album/still-hungry  DJ Format wets our appetite with a fine splice of flavorsome samples as a delectable B-boy scratch style opens the album which is tastefully titled 'Appetizer'. A short introduction in chopped up, celebrated musical styles laced around some, to-and-fro in sample form from Abdominal and Format. Stimulating the taste buds and increasing salivation, satisfying
  9. Loki - 'The Trigger Warning' - LP Review
    12 May, 2017
    Loki - 'The Trigger Warning' - LP Review
    Artist - Loki  Album - Trigger Warning Affiliation - Southside Deluxe  Scottish Hip-Hop artist Darren 'Loki' McGarvey owns an indisputable salient authenticity towards his artistry as he channels a blend of his astute expression through the realities of his own life experiences, individual perspective and interpreted belief systems. In my opinion, Loki fuels his fires in such a striking manner providing gritty, outspoken, sharp-witted content which most certainly stokes the fires of all who
  10. Hed PE - Glasgow's O2 Academy ABC - Live review
    16 Apr, 2017
    Hed PE - Glasgow's O2 Academy ABC - Live review
    Band - (hed PE) Planet Earth Supports- Monkey Puzzle, Psyko Dalek Venue - O2 Academy ABC    Gobophotography/Revel Rouser's weekend kicked off with exceptional flare as we had the immense pleasure of attending Glasgow's 02 academy ABC courtesy of alternative cross-over Rap/Metal band Monkey Puzzle, who set the stage ablaze with their fiercely power-driven, energetic set, alongside the furiously awesome Psyko Dalek's and headlining, high impact planetary evolutionary HeD PE. It was a huge
  11. New Model Army - Live Review
    06 Apr, 2017
    New Model Army - Live Review
    Band- New Model Army 'Winter' Tour  Venue- The Garage     Wille and the Bandits, hailing from Cornwall were the finest revelations to grace my head-space as they set their distinctive tone and atmosphere with a supreme funk fueled, earthy blues set which blew me away from the outset. The trio projected an immense amount of passion and soul into their performance as they highlighted material from their forthcoming new album titled 'Steal'. Lead vocalist-guitarist, Wille sang his absolute heart
  12. Anthrax - Among The Kings' 2017 Tour - Live Review
    22 Feb, 2017
    Anthrax - Among The Kings' 2017 Tour - Live Review
    Band-  Anthrax Tour- 'Among The Kings' Venue - Glasgow Barrowlands   Anthrax trashed out one of the most phenomenal two and a half hour sets as part of their 2017 'Among The Kings' tour in Glasgow's Barrowland's to a furiously rampant Glaswegian crowd who showed unrelenting admiration and respect for one of the most monumentally influential metal bands ever to grace existence. Anthrax has unequivocally etched a profound imprint with their resolute creative integrity, a band who has stayed
  13. Metal To The Masses - Round 1 Heat 5 - Glasgow
    27 Jan, 2017
    Metal To The Masses - Round 1 Heat 5 - Glasgow
    Saturday 21st saw Metal To The Masses 2017 competition kick off in Glasgow's Ivory blacks, a venue which has been common ground for the M2TM rivalry over recent years. This time round four, varying in style and technique metal bands took to the stage to slog it out with as much fire in their bellies as they could muster for a chance to play this year's Bloodstock open-air festival based in Derbyshire. Fede Valls, promoter, festival organizer and M2TM go-to, hosted the show, casually opening on
  14. 'Upsetting The Tone' - by Peter Hope (Colluded Works Series #2)
    20 Dec, 2016
    'Upsetting The Tone' - by Peter Hope (Colluded Works Series #2)
    Artist: Pete Hope Project: 'Upsetting The Tone' / Colluded works Series#2 Record Label: Wrong Revolution https://peter-hopes-explodingmind.bandcamp.com/album/upsetting-the-tone       It gives me great pleasure to hurtle myself head-first into the second series of Pete Hope's 'Upsetting The Tone' colludes works. If you missed my review for series one 'Splitting The Idiom' the article can still be found within the Revel Rouser website. The first track presents itself as 'SUFFERHEAD' a Hope /
  15. Useless Cities - Ep Review
    16 Nov, 2016
    Useless Cities - Ep Review
    Artist – 'Useless cities' Genre- Indie Alternative Rock Ep 'Useless Cities' https://soundcloud.com/useless-cities    It felt refreshing to embrace an alternative Indie band who have soul-stirring qualities and an emotive edge, so when I found London based, Indie quartet 'Useless Cities' I was pleasantly moved by their atmospheric blend of touching melodies, emotively driven vocals and sublimely crafted instrumental sways between bitter-sweet expression. Their evocative sound carries a
  16. Buckfest 2016 - Garage-Punk- Rock N' Wrestlers
    21 Oct, 2016
    Buckfest 2016 - Garage-Punk- Rock N' Wrestlers
    Event - Buckfest 2016        Venue - McChuills Glasgow Genre - Surf/ Garage-Punk.  This years Buckfest 2016 took place in high spirits with an absolute outstanding selection of distinctive Garage/Surf Punk bands who are renowned for creating spontaneous edge and generating a raucous atmosphere throughout their onstage performances. The Glasgow Garage punk scene is a close-nit, energetic one and you are sure to intermingle with a dedicated crowd who thrive upon the impulsive nature of the
  17. Tasjiil Moujahed - 'The Death Of Permanence' album review
    27 Sep, 2016
    Tasjiil Moujahed - 'The Death Of Permanence' album review
    Artist - Tasjiil Moujahed  Label -  Syrphe Album - The Death Of Permanence   Tasjiil Moujahed are a fresh experimental electronic duo who weave their musical influences into various modified reams of sonic exploration. Beirut-based musician Jawad Nawfal, (aka Munma, Aequo) sets his creative flare to electronics as Berlin-based musician/composer/producer and Syrphe record label owner C-drík (Axiome, Kirdec, Tetra Plok,) provides the electronics and vocal aspects of this superb collaborative

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